If you are a member of Hippeia, there are several financial obligations which you’ll have to consider.

Membership fee
Each year the fee is collected in November. This amounts to € 30.00 riding-student members, € 20.00 for non-riding student members and € 50.00 for alumni. If you join after the 1st of February, you’ll pay half the fee.

Olympos Sports Card
All student members (both riding and non-riding) should o October 15 to register with Olympos as a member of Hippeia. This is done by purchasing the the Olympas via the website or at the Olympos Sports Desk at the Uithof. The cost of the registration is €130.00. You will, however, get €65,40 back in the shape of a month of free lessons for Riding Student-Members or a giftcard with the same value to spend on activities. Remember to sent the (copy of your) receipt to

Lesson fees
Driving student members pay € 65.40 a month to riding Rijnenburg for weekly classes on Wednesday. Donation members receive no more the first year discount on lessons from Hippeia and pay € 71.90, driving-donors pay after the first year of the horse rate of € 91.50.

FNRS Equestrian Passport
The equestrian passport is mandatory for anyone who rides at FNRS registered stables. Because Rijnenburg stables is registered with the FNRS, all riding members of Hippeia are supposed to be in possession of an equestrian passport. The cost is € 20.00 per year and will have to be paid to the KNHS. This is organized by the stables, so you won’t have to worry about this.

* Disclaimer: The prices you will find here are valid for the current academic year