Welcome at U.S.R. Hippeia

Hippeia is the best horseriding club for all students in Utrecht. Aside from our weekly lessons on Wednesday evening, we also organise several activities throughout the year; some with and some without horses. Hippeia is a small and a close club where sociability and fun are most important. Ever since 1936 we ensure that riders from every level are able to ride horses with us for a reasonable fee!

Hippeia is a very sociable club. Aside from riding horses together, we also have dinner, go to bars and do all sorts of activities together. These activities vary from going lasergaming to going on camp for a whole weekend. You can become a member of Hippeia all year round and you won’t have hardly any responsibilities but a lot of options. You can, for example, join one of our many commissies that Hippeia is rich. By doing this, you won’t only help the club out but you can also learn a lot of things that’ll prove useful for the rest of your life.

At Hippeia you can continue horseriding thoughout your studentlife, but you can also learn it! More information about our beginnerscourse can be found under ‘Horseriding at Hippeia’.



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