The Committees

The committees assist the board of Hippeia to make the club run smoothly and make your student life more fun! These ensure, for example, that events are organized, we can eat together once a month and that the clubmagazine called ‘the Biks’ is issued. Below you can find all committees Hippeia is rich with a brief description of their main tasks.

Annuarium Committee
Every year this committee puts together the Annuarium. This is a book containing what happened over the past year and all the members and horses of Hippeia. This committee is great for creative minds who want to make sure that the next academic year everyone can get this amazing book.

Archives Committee
This committee manages our archive in the Utrecht Archives. Hippeia has been in existence since 1936 and which means there’s a rich history with photographs, records and other paperwork.

Bar Committee
This committee organizes the ‘daghap’ each month. They cook delicious meals that Hippeians eat on Wednesday before the lessons in the canteen of our stables.

About four times a year Hippeia the magazine is published, the Biks. Here you can read what activities there have been, what the results are of the competitions, the “Did-you-knows,” and much more! If you want to write a column you can mail the Bikscommissie; look under Contact.

Event Committee
This committee organizes year-round activities for all Hippeians! Under ‘Activities’ you can find an impression of our activities. Classics are the Christmas dinner, the Jumpingday and several outdoor horserides. In January the committee organizes the Dies activity in honor of the birthday of Hippeia. So this committee is very important for experiencing the studentlife and ambiance of Hippeia!

Audit Committee
The members of this committee the task to check whether the fiscus is conducting proper financial records.

PROTO Committee
Members of the PROTO-committee are very important to the club! They don’t only recruit new members during the Sports Market during the UIT, they also increase the brand awareness of Hippeia, start partnerships with companies, maintain the Hippeia Friends and organize an annual activity for the Hippocrene, our former members. As well as promoting our brand, this committee ensures that photos and videos are made that can be used for multiple purposes.

Cities Meetings (SOs) are competitions that are organized in various cities by the local Student Equestrian Associations. Annually this committee organizes the SO Hippeia; a weekend of competitions at different levels, a fun themeparty and a (usually short) night.

Website committee
This website does not appear out of nowhere. That’s where the website committee comes in. This committee makes sure the website is working and is up-to-date, so potential new members can find this amazing association.

Competition Committee
During the year the committee organizes about four competitions for Hippeians only. Because only Hippeians may enter, these competitions are a lot smaller than the SOs. These evenings are always very fun and form an accessible way for riders to start riding competitions! At the end of the schoolyear the best riders are proclaimed club champion in each category.