The Committees

The committees assist the board of Hippeia to make the club run smoothly and make your student life more fun! These ensure, for example, that events are organized, that we can eat together once a month and that the clubmagazine called ‘the Biks’ is issued. Below you can find all the committees of Hippeia with a brief description of their main tasks.

Annuarium Committee
The ‘annuarium committee’ is quite new; before it was the ‘smoelenboekcommittee’. It’s all about
making a kind of yearbook. The ‘smoelenboek’ always was a book in which everyone introduced
themselves and all the horses were introduced.

In the Annuarium there’s space for some extras. This could for example be some funny facts about the
members or some nice texts about the things we did that year.
Don’t worry if you’re not good with InDesign, because there are enough other programs to use and
there’s of course time to learn!

Archive Committee
U.S.R Hippeia was founded in 1936 and has since created a long history of photos, records and heaps
of other paperwork. To secure all these memories, Hippeia has started the archive committee. Our
main mission is to neatly archive all the pieces of Hippeia history and deliver this to the Utrecht
Archives. This way we will add our story to the overall history of Utrecht.
Another task for the archive committee is the monthly ‘Throwback Thursday’ on the social media
channels of Hippeia. This way we can show our current members bits and pieces of Hippeia history and
simultaneously keep in touch with our former members.

Bar Committee
If you love cooking and good food this is the right committee for you! As the bar committee you will
organise multiple food related activites, such as drinks and dinners. Hippeians adore food, so have

BIKS Committee
The BIKS is the magazine of our association. It is published about four times a year.

The BIKS features articles on our association, our activities, and other horse-related themes. No
wonder it is so popular among Hippeians! The BIKS committee is responsible for creating the BIKS. The
most fun about this committee is that you’re able to be very creative and there are a lot of options.
Also, this committee does not necessarily take up a lot of your time, but it is very fun to take part in!

Event Committee
Not to undermine the other committees, but the event committee is one of the most fun AND
important committees that Hippeia has. Events are where the lessons mix and people get to know
each other, which is why Hippeia is such a nice community!

As a member of the event committee, YOU decide what these events are. Unless there is a pandemic
happening, we aim to organise at least one activity per month, both horse and non-horse related. One
or two committee members take care of each activity, so in the end you would be responsible for
about two events per year. Other than that, you help think out the other activities.

There are no limits to what events you can come up with, if it fits the budget and people are interested
to participate, you can organise it! From trail rides to archery on horseback, and from cocktail nights
to paintball, it’s all possible.

Proto Committee (Promotion Committee)
The proto has a weird name that won’t initially tell you what we do as a committee. But we are the PR
Photo committee! We make sure everyone in Utrecht and elsewhere knows our name. We do this by
helping with the introduction weeks, but also by organizing a friends/family day or an old members
day. A big part of the committee has become Social Media. Nowadays we can’t be anywhere without it and a lot of our potential riders come through Social Media. There’s always a need for good photo’s but also for example ideas for a good social media post. We also search for Sponsors, think about the Sponsorkliks page we have or the agreement with the Military Boekelo.

In short, we are a committee that’s getting more and more important every year. We are therefore
searching enthusiastic members with a love for social media, PR and / or organising things! Big things
are coming.

SO Committee
A City Meeting (SO) is the moment to show other associations just what Hippeia means to us. It is a
competition weekend organized by one of the riding associations in the Netherlands, where you
compete with the other associations. It is a weekend full of friendly competition and lots of partying.
Hippeia also organizes such a weekend once a year and we need a large committee to be able to do
that. A competition weekend is not something you organize by yourself! Being able to work together
and communicate well are key to the success of your competition weekend. Of course, we also have
lots of fun while preparing (think of making a promotion video, deciding on a theme, etc.) and partying
on the weekend. It’s a great opportunity to organize and enjoy an awesome weekend!

Competition Committee
Do you want to put to use your creativity and organisational skills to organise competitions for every
level, for great fun, and to create a valuable learning experience? Then the competition committee is
looking for you!

A few times a year we organize a competition that we are free to (in conversation with manege ‘t Hoogt)
give a theme. Will it be serious dressage or jumping to prepare our riders for the national competition
weekends (SOs) or will we this time organise a pas de deux, game race or jumping without saddle?
Whichever theme we choose, we always make sure that all levels can participate. A tight organisation
makes the dag for everyone more relaxed and fun, so that is our goal!

Organising consists among other things of making the program, arranging a jury, communication with
manege ‘t Hoogt, thinking of prizes, make people enthusiastic, leading the program on the day itself
and helping both newbies and experienced members to ease their nerves. Together we always make
it an unforgettable day where many of our riders gain valuable competition experience and broaden
their horizon.

Web Committee
The web committee is responsible for the maintenance and design of the Hippeia website. The idea is
to make sure that all information about USR Hippeia can be easily found on the website and is up to
date. Together with the other committee members you will be discussing how this can be done in the
best way possible.

Singing Committee
This committee is quite new. The committee is responsible for inventing new Hippeia songs and making
sure that they are sung. It is a fun committee where you can work out all your creative ideas together.