Dear former member, friends, family and other interested parties,

Hippeia is busy expanding her network. We’re trying to create brand awareness and to put our wonderful association on the map. We want to expand and give even more students the chance to ride horses during their student time. All this of course while keeping the character of Hippeia intact: intimate, accessible, diverse, fun and affordable.

Hippeia is an old association with a rich history, that deserves to be known. We want to realize this in collaboration with the people that have a warm place in their heart for Hippeia. That is why we have set up the concept Friends of Hippeia. A Friend of Hippeia contributes in some way to the existence of the association, for example through a financial contribution or a collaboration.

What does this give you? Firstly, it means that your daughter/granddaughter/friend/etc. can enjoy even more fun activities at Hippeia. Secondly, you’ll get the club magazine ”the Biks” sent to you and you will be invited to sponsor events. At a sponsor amount of 100 euros or more, there is also a possibility to have your logo in the magazine and on the website.

Does this interest you and would you like to become a Friend of Hippeia? You can send an email to and we’ll look at the possibilities together. We look forward to it!