Becoming a sponsor

Hippeia has been active as an association in the student life of Utrecht for over 85 years. At the moment it has about 60 active members and a few honorary members. Sponsoring us can be a way of generating brand awareness for a low price, in the student life of Utrecht as well as in the equestrian world.

Hippeia in Utrecht

Hippeia is a very active association. We ride at Manege ‘t Hoogt in Utrecht every week, have drinks/food every month and organize at least one activity per month. During all these activities members are often wearing their association clothing. Members also like to wear these outside of Hippeia, at the university or in the city for example. Besides that, every year Hippeia is at the Sport Fair of the UIT, the introduction week of the universities of Utrecht. During this event Hippeia always hands out promotion material for her sponsors. A good reach for you as a sponsor.

National competitions

Groups of Hippeia members take part in the Steden Ontmoetingen. These are national student riding competitions, and the student riding associations organize them under supervision of the KNHS-VNS; they are always very popular amongst students all throughout the Netherlands. Hippeia organizes one of these Steden Ontmoetingen each year, where sponsors can be put in the spotlight. You can support this event through monetary or other means (for example, we often give out goody bags).


If you are interested, you are welcome to ask for a quote (free of charge) at Hippeia through Besides the aforementioned possibilities, there are many other ways we can help each other out. We will be happy to have a conversation about it!

Current Sponsors

Feel free to have a look on the websites of our current sponsors: